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This leisure project kicked off as a regular homepage for a Counter-Strike clan. We got a server up and running, recruited some members and played the game. A collection of random stuff we found interesting was accumulated on this page over time, including, by Latvian standards, the relatively well-known example of Teens' Problems (a "review" of several nonsensical columns in teens' magazines). We're currently not engaged in any real clan activities. We mostly play Team Fortress 2 nowadays, while keeping the site and the forum alive for the community, occasionally updating the main page. Where other clans have dissolved over time, GIGN has persisted due to our (hard)core team of two badass motherfuckers - worm and macho. The name of the clan originated from France's elite anti-terrorist unit, which currently has 120 members. Read below or peruse Wiki or some additional info on the original GIGN. read below.

If you'd like to get to know a little more about our members, just click "Members" above or click here.

GIGN in World

The next part comes from a Frencham who e-mailed me wih info GIGN is one of the world"s busiest and best Counter-Terrorist units. Between 1974 and 1985 they participated in over 650 operations that freed over 500 hostages and eliminated dozens of terrorists. Over 1,000 have been arrested. In that same time they suffered 5 dead and dozens severly wounded (nine were wounded in the recent assault of Air France flight 8969). GIGN was initially formed in 1974 and was to be no greater than 100 operators. Since then it has never been larger than 90 members. GIGN has always been inventive and effective in their operations. In their operational debut, a takedown of a bus in Djibouti (February, 1976), sandwiches that were permitted by the terrorists to be fed to the hostages were drugged. The tranquilized hostages (30 school children) fell asleep, thus clearing the view for GIGN snipers. GIGN is also very well traveled. In addition to Djibouti, they have operated in New Caledonia, Lebanon, Sudan, and the Island nation of Comoros. Because GIGN operates all over the world, operators need to be able to function in a myriad of environments. They train in alpine and winter environments in addition to the urban. They are proficient in parachute insertions as well as SCUBA operations; it is reported that they make a jump in full SCUBA gear at least once a year.

GIGN operators come exclusively from the ranks of the Gendarmerie. In order to be eligable, a volunteeer needs a minimum of five years experience with an exemplary record. Reports have indicated that of those with this service record, as low as seven percent are excepted. After acceptance, operators are trained for ten months (keep in mind, these are officers that already have at least five years experience). GIGN operators are expected to know not only the weapons they deploy with, but also any possible weapons their adversaries might be equipped with.

More informations about the GIGN: It's a 87men-strong unit designed to anti-terrorism and police operations (like SWATs ). It's organized in:

There are 5 officers: the CO (a major), a deputy commander plus 3 captains and lieutenants. All have undertaken a very hard selection course: 8 new gendarmes each year (on about one hundred pre-selected). But they become fully operational after one year of training and different stage and course: some become HAHO/HALO or undertake maritime training with the Navy"s Commandos-Marine. Every new-member follows: fast-driving course, mountain training, intense shooting course (each member shoots 300 cartridges per day), close-combat: a derivate of the israeli "Krav-Maga" , etc ...


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